For Angels

Why Join Accra Angels Network

Early stage investing could be quite complicated, even for experienced investors.

Starting off in an angels’ network can give you more confidence in investing. But even for more experienced investors it is still very beneficial as there is no better way to simplify the complexities of angel investing than working alongside like-minded individuals.

Here are some of the reasons you should join the Accra Angels Network:

  • Access to more bankable deals
  • Opportunity to invest in high quality and pre-screened early-stage companies.
  • Networking and co-investing opportunities with other investors
  • Increasing investment diversification
  • A channel for entrepreneurs to approach you
  • New angels can learn from experienced angel investors on all aspects and steps of investing
  • The opportunity to leverage on skills and expertise of other angels for investments done

What We Offer Investors

The network will provide the following deal making activities:

  • Screening of investment opportunities
  • Support in conducting due diligence and presentation of the deal
  • Manage the negotiation process
  • Management of the investments (Optional)

Who We Look For

Individuals or institutions who:

  • Are passionate about investing in small and growing businesses
  • Appreciate the risk of investing in early stage businesses
  • Are willing to serve as business coaches
  • Have considerable business experience

The Investment Process for Angels

  • Deals profiled by the secretariat and presented to the investment committee (IC) for initial review
  • Approved deals from the IC will be shared with the angels
  • Angels who may want to consider the deal will express their interest and undertake due diligence
  • Deal Negotiations
  • Investment
  • Follow up