For Entrepreneurs

Angel Investing Explained

The practice of high-net worth individuals investing their own time and money in early stage businesses with the goal of profiting from their long-term growth. The difference between angel investors and venture capitalists is that angel investors invest their own money.

Angels are usually not only interested in the financial interest, but have the desire to give back and the thrill of being involved with an innovative company

This means that some investors will take an active role in the investees business, by mentoring them or acting as an advisor.


What We Offer

  • Offer a cash injection for relatively small amounts that would not otherwise be available through venture capitals
  • Whilst there my not be a cap on investment amounts deal sizes would typically range between USD 20,000 and USD 250,000
  • We invest in your company in an early stage; what usual VCs or Banks won’t do
  • Timeframe of the investment is more long term
  • Advice and introductions since investors usually have held executive positions at large companies or are successful entrepreneurs themselves
  • May put in more money later

What We Look For

  • Company should not be older than 7 years
  • A business that can scale
  • Management team or structure in place
  • Clearly defined market opportunity
  • Demonstrates growth and impact potential

Funding Process

1. Preparation
•Learn about angel investing
•Determine if your company is right for this kind of financing

2. Application
•Submit your online application

3. Screening
After our screening committee reviews your submission you will receive one of two responses:

Pass. We pass on companies that don’t fit our members investment criteria. In many cases these companies have potential to become great businesses, just not good investments for us.

Follow up. You may be asked to do a follow up by phone or in person by the committee. This is to learn more about your company than the application shows. You may also receive some coaching or recommendation on how to make your company a better fit for AAN.

4. Presentation
Your opportunity will be introduced to members of the network. The angels will discuss if there is enough interest to look into your company further and do some due diligence.

5. Due diligence
6. Deal Negotiation
7. Investment
8. Follow up